Rose quartz reflexology roller

Rose quartz reflexology roller




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Rose quartz reflexology roller 14.00 EUR This object is widely spread in Thailand. It is made up of a stick and on its top of two small wood balls which roll upon the skin like a carress. With this roller, stimulating the sole of the feet, the palm of the hands or any other part of the body becomes so simple! Doing a face massage, make sure that you move the roller from the inside out.We recommend to put it in the fridge about 15 minutes before use so that the stone provides you a delightful sensation of coolness. If you do a massage in this way once or twice a day, the cryogenic effect will soon tightn up the skin and prevent your features from keeping a fixed expression. And if you use it on the arms, the thighs or the belly, it will contribute to drain the cellulite. Last but not least, specialists in lithotherapy consider that rose quartz is the stone of love and creativity. It is greatly appreciated for its softness and the support it offers in self-acceptance.


Fabuleux !

Un outil indispensable que j'utilise chaque matin et chaque soir depuis que je l'ai acheté au salon du zen où j'ai eu le bonheur de faire la connaissance de "Jokat pandora" !!! La fraîcheur du quartz réveille le visage et le massage draine et stimule les muscles faciaux. Et en appuyant une des boules en quartz sur un point douloureux cela peut dissiper des tensions. Bref, vous l'avez compris, un achat que je ne regrette vraiment pas!

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    Rose quartz reflexology roller

    Rose quartz reflexology roller

    Rose quartz reflexology roller

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